The following dealer services are available every week at El Paso Auto Auction. For more information, contact us at (915) 587-6700.

Pre-Sale Inspections

Vehicles are inspected for structural damage, fluids checked and filled as needed, test driven, and a variety of other tests. If you want to know more about our entire Pre-Sale inspection click here.

Buyer Protection Plan

EPI’s “Buyer Protection Plan” (BPP) is a tool that we provide to help make your bidding and buying time more productive. The “BPP” provides you with assisting in arbitration and the assurance that, in the event of problems that are not detected in the inspection of the vehicle, that you will have our support and participation in resolving that problem. You can find out more about our Buyer Protection Plan by clicking here.

Light Mechanical

Whether it’s a simple problem starting the vehicle, or something that requires computer diagnostics work, the mechanic shop at El Paso Auto Auction can handle it. We have an on staff ASE certified auto technician who has experience using state-of-the-art auto service equipment..

Condition Reports

All of our fleet lease units receive a condition report within forty-eight hours of being secured at our location. These condition reports are considered some of the best in the industry by our competitors. This allows us to better communicate with our clients on the condition of our vehicles and allows buyers to have a first had look at the vehicle.


Livecast is the true way to participate in a traditional auction via the internet. It allows you to attend a live auction event and compete for items against the live bidding audience on the traditional auction floor without ever having to leave your office, home, or hotel room.

Title Services

EPIAA offers a full service title department. We making the process of retitling vehicles, quick and painless. We specialize in obtaining repossession titles and correcting title errors. Most title have a forty-eight hour turnaround time.


Our professional reconditioning staff is recognized by our clients as being one of the best in the country. Your product goes through a complete detail from top to bottom. Before leaving, each vehicle is inspected by your outside coordinater, then a second quality check is performed by our Fleet Manager along with one more touch up before the sale.